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Community, Workforce & Career Technical Education

Community, Continuing Education
& Workforce Development Classes

CDL PERMIT PREPARATION - February 17 – 21, 2014  

It is a federal regulation that a learner’s permit be obtained before learning to operate class A or B (and certain class C) vehicles and before applying for a CDL license. In order to obtain a driver’s permit, you must pass two tests given by the state (MVD); General Knowledge test and Air Brakes test and have a DOT medical card. This class will prepare you to pass the tests.

ARC VIEW GIS BASIC -  March 27-28, 2014
Students will learn the basics of map production using the Arc View GIS software. Instructor Gar Clarke has been using, building, and teaching Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology since 1983. Prerequisite: familiarity with Windows. Students may be required to bring their own laptops.

ADOBE CONSTRUCTION BASICS   -  April 25 & 26, 2014
Learn about Adobe Construction, a building technique that has been around for thousands of years and is the original "green" building method. The Friday lecture with slides will cover all aspects of making adobes and building walls as covered in the New Mexico Earthen Building Materials Construction Code. It will also cover essential items useful to construction that are not in the Code. On Saturday, students will make adobe bricks and learn to learn to lay bricks to build a wall with a corner and window opening. This will take place inside or just outside of the El Rito Adobe Shop.

Learn about making plasters from the earth at your feet. The lecture and slides will show the possibilities and cover finding the right dirt and preparing the basic mixes. The Saturday session will take place in the El Rito shop or perhaps on the wall of an actual home. We will mix up dirt and plaster a first scratch coat and a second finish coat.

This workshop addresses active and passive solar systems to produce hot water for a home to replace or supplement standard domestic hot water heaters (DHW). It covers flat plate systems that use antifreeze to transfer heat through a heat exchanger to the tank. These systems may be active and use pumps to circulate antifreeze and hot water or they may be passive and rely on convection/thermosyphons to move heat from the collector to the tank. Simple “bread box” water heaters where the sun directly heats a tank of water in a reflective insulated box are also covered. Two systems will be assembled to give students hands-on experience with plumbing techniques and different approaches to harvesting heat from the sun.

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Northern’s  Community, Workforce, and Career Technical Education programs do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. Further, a lack of English Language Skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation in Career Technical Education programs at NNMC. A complete list of Career Technical Education course offerings can be viewed here.